photos from my phone.

celebrating the weekend with a giant pancake.

so happy for the sunshine! {it is upper 30s with tornado-force winds today.}

mr. business.

the view from b's office! so awesome.

our door is ready for easter. {i hope my mom still sends me a basket! mom?}

true life: i'm a stay-at-home girlfriend. i homemade the dinner to prove it.

a less windy view at my new haircut.

my professor michelle's dog, ella! i really wanted to call her ellie beans {but someone else already has that nickname!}, and she was a very fun walking partner this week.


washington park.

this weekend it was 60 in denver! we spent sunday at washington park.

cool alert: locals call it "wash park".

the big draw is the running/walking loop around the lake.

and the residents of said lake. they are actually really wild. this past week i was stopped in traffic for 10 minutes waiting for a flock to walk across the street back into the park. 

plus, turned the other way, you can see the mountains. {okay you kind of have to squint, but they are totally right there.}

deets about the park. 

the sun is crazy strong here. especially if you go into the mountains you need to wear sunscreen, but i put it on every day. it was only 40 and so windy when we were at the park, but in the sun you could break a sweat!

a beautiful, self-timed squatting photo. sigh. it's the best we could do. you can kind of tell here, but: i got all my hair chopped off. i made a friend in our apartment complex and she had an audition {would you call it an audition?} at a fancy salon downtown, so i got a haircut and style for free!

and a shout out to b's cousin laura and shannon {makers of one of the cutest little girls ever} who welcomed a sweet baby boy today. 

and that's all we know in our neck of the woods mountains for today. more fun news coming later this week!


i wouldn't call it the joy of our lives, but... well, maybe i would.

big announcement: WE GOT A COUCH.

for the first three weeks of living here we were sitting on the floor, our formal dining room chairs or our bed. those were our only choices. to say baby got back... pain... would be an understatement.

so, after the exciting news of b's job, we decided we could swing for a {cheap} couch.

enter: ikea. as seen above: our classy couch came in a bunch of boxes.

the end result:

bundahdahdahhhhh! she's a beaut, right?

it's one of the fancier models, and bonus: we can upgrade it someday!

oooh, ahhhh.

we'll have to wait until we move though. because, you know, a full-sized couch would actually take up our whole living room.

love may not cost a thing, but happiness is on sale at ikea.


last of nash: yazoo brewery tour.

i don't care if this was a month ago and i now live on the other side of the country: the yazoo tour was one of the coolest things i ever did in nashville.

it was on the we-must-do-this-before-we-move list, so it was crossed off our very last weekend in tennessee. and, brandon came with us!

these are dehydrated hops. one of the most interesting things about yazoo is that they partner with so many other businesses in town. so when they're done using a bunch of ingredients they pass them along. like, after yeast is done making the beer... yeasty...  they give it to local bakeries. or after the grain is used they give it to local farmers. drunk cows? i had to ask baker all these details, it's hard to remember after a few weeks. {plus, they totally give out generous samples on the tour, so that doesn't help my memory either.}

gigantic beer makers!

bottling. the labels on all of yazoo's beers are hand drawn by the owner/founder's wife.

and then, after your super-worth-it $7 tour, you end up in the tap room, where you can drink to your heart's content.

i know i should be drinking coors light, but i can't deny that i could go for a dos perros right now. 

please come to colorado, yazoo!


my fear of driving in the snow, or what happens after being spoiled by nashville weather.

you all. i had a 7 am meeting this morning. imagine my surprise when i step out my door and see the above. {this is the view from our courtyard.}

i watched the evening news last night. pray tell, denver anchor woman, how five inches of snow coming did not make the dinner broadcast??

do you want to drive in that? 

well, depending on where you're reading from you probably have different responses to that question. 

my friends/fam in ohio are like, "i did. i drove in 17 inches this morning to get to work and it is still snowing." 

my friends/fam in tennessee would say, "that is a blizzard, get back inside, BLESS YOUR HEART." 

and therein lies my predicament. b saw the snow and something very manly in him came out and he said "time to scrape!" i saw it and something very southern came out and said, "omgcancelyourmeetingrightnowandgetbackinbed." 

i can remember driving in crazy weather in high school without flinching. now, after almost four years in nashville, one really bad snow storm and seeing b in his ford ranger in a wrestling match with a semi and a large suv {spoiler alert: he lost}, i am totally distraught by driving in any weather. 

long story short: there was an accident on the highway, so the lady who i was meeting with decided to postpone until tomorrow.

until then, i'll be praying for a heat wave, doing a sun dance and packing my survival gear just in case it snows again tonight.


16th street mall.

i finally talked b into going to the 16th street mall with me on friday since he needed to get some dress shirts for his new business-casual work environment.

the mall goes 10 blocks or so and has a ton of stores, restaurants and coffee shops along the way. there is also a free bus you can ride from one end to the other.

post-khaki coffee.

someone wasn't feeling photogenic.

drive-by photography on the way home.

yay, newspapers.

the capitol building. the top is gold! more photos of this to come.

the church architecture here is amazing.

p.s. i totally took that last one out of the sunroof.

p.p.s. adding "sunroof photography" to my resume right now.


photos from my phone, plus some good news.

our "every day" view now. can you see the mountains?

spots that get no sun will stay frozen. case in point on the side of our building.

looking even prettier than day one.
we spent ALL day thursday getting emissions testing and license plates. but, now our cars are colorado official!

valentine's day dinner.

mini-parthenon in cheesman park, aka our backyard. shoutout to my nash peeps!

and my fav instagram of the week: b just MOMENTS after accepting his job! yay. his first day is tomorrow {thanks presidents!} and i'll be crossing my fingers that he loves it.


hi from colorado: welcome family + friends!

{photo taken today at the 16th street mall - more on that later!}

we are now officially 1,600 miles from our peeps in tennessee and 1,200 from family in ohio. {don't let that deter you if you were planning to drive to visit, though!}

to keep everyone in the loop with our daily activities - without clogging up your inbox - we decided to launch this blog.

we miss you all and can't wait to see you!


katelyn and tim

last of nash: mas tacos.

you all. i'm just going to go ahead and tell you like it is: mas tacos is in one of the sketchiest neighborhood in nashville.

i know all the cool kids are going there, but still, you needed to be in the loop on this fact.

however, it is also muy delicioso.

cute inside, right? it's basically a one-room garage with limited seating. get there early. we saw a line forming out the door after we ordered. the tacos are mas in demand!

la menu.

spicy cheese corn? there was a name for this. it was good, but too much cheese. {i KNOW, i have never in my life said "too much cheese." someone mark this date in infamy.}

fish taco. holy. guacamole! the best of my life.

so, remember: if you are going to mas tacos: 1. look at the menu beforehand and learn the fancy names for things. {i am sure they don't call that "cheese corn".} 2. know that you are traveling to the deep east nash and lock your doors accordingly. 3. don't eat for a day prior so you can stuff yourself with some of the best mexican food in the whole city.

now go, grasshopper, and order the fish taco.


winter park.

we got to go to the mountains this weekend! downtown it was gloomy and freeeziiing. like 10 degrees when we left in the morning.

up, up and away. 

pretty much up in the heavens. 

the tubing hill!

you basically ride a pool float down an iced up hill and then get pulled back up. it was SO fun. and SO warm. we had bundled up and when you're right in the sun, with the reflection off the snow it was 50 degrees! we had to take our coat and gloves off.

there we are. so outdoorsy right now.

our generous hosts, art and michelle. art just bought that {bright!} jeep and to say michelle wasn't thrilled about it is an understatement. look at the pride on his face though! priceless.

such a great weekend. it got us out of our tiny, tiny apartment and into the amazing scene just an hour outside of the city.

i love my new town.