manny's house of pizza. and scoutmob.

i typically eat lunch in my work cafeteria with my work bff. on the rare occasion that i go out, i love to go downtown. luckily, all my peeps work there.

and, courtney reminded me that there was a scoutmob deal for one of my downtown favs: manny's house of pizza. thanks c!

sidebar: i knew i loved pizza, but i didn't realize i was eating so {SO} much of it until i had a blog post about pizza every week. whoops.

scoutmob: free deals. i have no idea how they make money. good for us though!

 the arcade!

look, it's manny. {no really, i'm pretty sure that is manny.}

this angle makes the pizza look a mile wide. which it was.

 obligatory downtown building photos.

obligitory photo of us.

this was my obligatory pizza post of the week. hope you enjoyed as much as i did.


korea house.

i pride myself on being able to say a few words in a variety of languages (italian, japanese, spanish, chinese, arabic... english), but korean is a no go. i really wanted to open with "hello!" in korean but had to look it up and that just seems so forced. {in case you were wondering, it's "anyong!"}

another thing that may or may not be forced? me dragging b to random asian restaurants across the city. most recently korea house.

bibimbap is my new favorite word. and, coincidentally, my new fav korean dish.

they start you out with a bunch of mini dishes. there were potatoes, squash and some dried fish among other options.


b's came to the table boiling over the edges of the pot. i feel like you're at an authentically non-american place when you have a moment of fear for your life. just a bibimbap of boiling and then it was ready to eat.

look! it's brandon. how he has not been on the blog yet, i don't know.

saranghae friends! {goodbye in korean, duh}



i read on breakfast at toast that pinkberry was offering lychee flavored yogurt. i LOVE lychee. pm has amazing lychee lemonade and i had fresh lychee in china.

so, it was straight to pinkberry for me.

i've had pinkberry before in la. i just don't understand the sour undertones, but i was ready to make an exception for lychee.

woh woh. no lychee at our west end location. watermelon instead.

b got salted carmel {tasted like coffee to me}. clearly he liked it, he smashed in before i could catch a pic.

cute decor, good service, but sweet cece's is still my fav. local and amazing.

i could go for some cookie dough on top of vanilla right now. om nom.


east nashville favs.

since i've lived in nashville, i've moved on average of once a year. i started in hillsboro village (which i love) and i'm now in sylvan park. but in the middle there i spent a year in east nasty. to be honest, it wasn't my fav. it was mostly that the commute annoyed me and there was no publix or target within my neighborhood. however, the food culture over there is amazing. it really has no competition from the other areas in metro. rosepepper, mad donna's, rosepepper, margot (you know how i feel about margot), village pub, marche, rosepepper, the list goes on and on.

and now that i live 20 minutes away, the thing i miss most about the east side isn't the margaritas from rosepepper. it's my peeps that are still over there. all of whom i got to see this week!

i think the red tint of this picture is our skin melting off. it's hot here. that is an understatement.

my first time at castrillo's! i love trying something new.

starting and ending a post with a cat picture. that's a trend i can get behind.


my favorite meal.

besides cheese, one of my favorite foods is pizza. {okay, i know pizza is cheese on top of bread.}

and of all the pizza in the land, my favorite is made right here in my kitchen.

haha nooo not by me.

please, this isn't that kind of blog.

by b!

he made it on request this weekend.

and now it's monday and i'm still thinking about it!

we used our garden for the first time!

you can guess who was having the meat lovers.

and that tastes like true love to me.


elliston place soda shop.

on sunday the tennessean announced that the elliston place soda shop would be closing after 71 years.

it is super close to work, so a group of us went over for lunch yesterday.

and we were there right after the owner announced that they had come to an agreement with their landlord! so, they're not closing after all. but, i'm so glad i went.

we got there at 10:45 and the place was packed. channel 4 was there, too!

sweet story on the menu.

neon everywhere.

peggy whipped out her phone, circa ... 2002? anyone else have the razr? holler!

she also had a bunch of $2 bills. who knows what else was in that purse.

the line when we left.

elliston place soda shop: check it off the bucket list.


nashville bucket list.

this is a photo of garth. live. in concert. applicable to this post because seeing him live in concert was one of my life goals. it's also how courtney and i originally became friends fall of freshman year at ou. it was also a top five experience of my entire existence. i was front row. this photo is not zoomed, people. and yes, i touched him. you would have, too.

one of my fav blogs, la mia vita, did a post a bit back about her san fran bucket list. we have a running tally of places we want to go, too, but it's mostly just me asking, "WHEN are we going to get to park cafe?"*

*update: we went to park cafe. IT WAS AWESOME.

here were my intial bucket list plans:

food to eat:
- park cafe
- sylvan park restaurant
- star bagel
- neighbors
- the palm
- melrose pub

things to do:
- attend a nashville sounds game
- go to the east nashville beer fest
- finally get to steeple chase
- see the christmas lights at opryland
- use the tennessee state museum membership b won at a charity auction
- redeem the whole foods cooking classes coupons i bought b for christmas
- hike the virgin falls
- spend the day at nashville shores with c, melanie and vickie
- see the warhol exhibit at the frist

then, as i'm asking my friend ben {nashville native, LITERALLY**, and knower of all things nashville} what else i should add to my nash bucket list, he says, "you know there's an official list out there, right?"

**nashville natives are rare. like shooting stars. someone will tell you they're a nashville native and then it comes out that they're from whites creek bend or something like that. whites creek bend is so far from nashville i don't even know where it is. so. that does not a nashville native make.

um, no. missed that.

sure enough: nashville scene's 125 things to do before you die.

they have everything. most are things i didn't know existed. since it was written in 2008 some items have changed. for example the "happy dancing man" i'm pretty sure is now the angry yelling man at the belle meade bus stop.

but, that'll happen.

so, i'll be back with another post, to join together my original ideas with nashville scene's recommendations and some from my other peeps too.

when you make a bucket list, you need to get it all down.

because forgetting "see the angry yelling man at the belle meade bus stop formerly known as happy dancing man" does not a bucket list make.