my fear of driving in the snow, or what happens after being spoiled by nashville weather.

you all. i had a 7 am meeting this morning. imagine my surprise when i step out my door and see the above. {this is the view from our courtyard.}

i watched the evening news last night. pray tell, denver anchor woman, how five inches of snow coming did not make the dinner broadcast??

do you want to drive in that? 

well, depending on where you're reading from you probably have different responses to that question. 

my friends/fam in ohio are like, "i did. i drove in 17 inches this morning to get to work and it is still snowing." 

my friends/fam in tennessee would say, "that is a blizzard, get back inside, BLESS YOUR HEART." 

and therein lies my predicament. b saw the snow and something very manly in him came out and he said "time to scrape!" i saw it and something very southern came out and said, "omgcancelyourmeetingrightnowandgetbackinbed." 

i can remember driving in crazy weather in high school without flinching. now, after almost four years in nashville, one really bad snow storm and seeing b in his ford ranger in a wrestling match with a semi and a large suv {spoiler alert: he lost}, i am totally distraught by driving in any weather. 

long story short: there was an accident on the highway, so the lady who i was meeting with decided to postpone until tomorrow.

until then, i'll be praying for a heat wave, doing a sun dance and packing my survival gear just in case it snows again tonight.


  1. Beautiful!!! I'm somewhat jealous. There isn't much winter to be had here, it's 75 today. I guess I can't complain. Missing your sweet spirit here girl. Blessings, Anna

  2. it is 75?!?! wow!! all this snow ended up melting today, so i guess my heat wave dance worked :)

    missing you for SURE. would love to hop over and talk to you and ben right now.