{ellie looks sad, but i promise she wasn't}

happy birthday, sweet bean! i could not be more proud of you or more thankful to call you mine. just think, on your next birthday you'll be my husband!
i love you. 



my first major freelance project is d-o-n-e. 

here's the before of the site:

and the site live today:
the sats team loves it. there is nothing better than a satisfied client. 

hopefully more freelance friday coming soon... right after i finish another project. 

happy weekend bloggies!



you know you've waited too long to write a post about something when you can't even remember the name of the place. that's what photos are for! and these ones document our trip to the royal gorge suspension bridge

the bridge in all its glory. it's one of the highest suspension bridges in the world at 956 feet high. which didn't terrify me as much as the roads up to mt. evans, but close!

a little history. the elevation is listed on everything here. i'm sure they mean it in a bragging manner, but really i can't breathe anywhere that's above 5,000 feet, so i take them as warning notes.

train way down below.

though the bridge sways in the wind, it's apparently strong enough to host buses.

and then b made me ride the trolley car of death across the canyon. excuse me, they call it an aerial tramway. they even post a note that the tram has carried more than 5.7 million people and traveled 200,000 miles since being installed in 1969. feeling goooood about that.

engagement pose!

and, just think, this was way back in august! more posts coming soon.



i pinned this photo more than a year ago in my nashville folder. this was long before we were engaged, i simply loved the picture and the vibe of this wedding.

then, after we got engaged - and decided we wanted a downtown wedding - i knew it had to be wherever this photo was taken. only, i could not figure out where that was.

after much googling, i remembered that popular nash blogger beth had also gotten married downtown. i found her post and realized it was the same location as my beloved pinterest photo.

and that was that. our venue was decided: aerial. i've been working with the team there to coordinate hosting both our ceremony and reception. we'll get married overlooking the city where we fell in love, and then our friends and family can dance the night away under the stars! {and then walk out the front door onto broadway to continue the party well into the night!} 

i think it will be the perfect location to start our life as mr. and mrs.

{photo credits: a gorgeous aerial wedding as seen on style me pretty, beth's wedding, a wedding with a pretty awesome bridal party entrance via alex bee photo}



 {photo from pinterest}

in this era of pinterest dreams and facebook comparisons - combined with a perfectionist personality - i've spent the last couple of months doing a whole lot of worrying. from small things that aren't important {what will my something blue be?!} to big ones, like budget, i've been up at night thinking about all that could go wrong. and don't get me started on the actual "becoming someone's wife" part of getting married. yikes!

i think there's a lot that goes into wedding planning that you won't find on anyone's inspiration boards. thus, my month-long blogging break. but, there have been some amazing things happening, too.

get ready for some wedding wednesday goodness coming your way!