camp: the people.

this is the final installation of the camp posts. okay, one was entirely about the airport. and another was lake placid. but the one did have photos of camp.

now, it's all about the peeps. lord knows i felt like a total weirdo snapping pictures of every little detail, so i didn't catch everyone on camera. but, here are some winners:

dogs are people, too. miss ellie beans.

the boys. being very manly, might i add.

duh, you knew about 800 of these were just of us.

me and the momma. and ellie sitting like a person.


saying goodbye on the dock. 

my bff.


lake placid.

lake placid is only 40ish minutes from camp. i didn't go last year, so we took a girl's trip up.
the town is well-known, mostly because the miracle on ice took place there.

but, also, bill pullman {i LOVE the movie "while you were sleeping"} was in a movie about some creature coming out of the lake. i didn't know this until i just now googled.

i'm sure it is a really great film.

the city itself seems like it's based around one main street {similar to athens} and still really proud of their olympic history.

back seat boopin'.

super quaint.

do you see the structure that held the flame? it's in a horse field now.

all the flags still up around the track area, which is in front of a high school.

olympic center.

time to eat!
mirror lake can hold it's own against tupper when it comes to the scenic view, but at least we don't have to worry about killer alligators.


scenes from the weekend.

here's my weekend in a few snapshots.

we drove outside of the city for a fantasy football draft. had to catch the sunset. sidenote: i'm feeling very good about my team!

went and spent time at the parent's. jadie was very excited to see me.

we went to a restaurant for lunch in a strip mall next to the thrift store. it was actually pretty good.

courtney and i powwowed to work on blogs. we weren't exactly productive.

but i did get kitty time!

i made a makeshift light box for a work project and used my {really cute!} new shoes as practice.

not pictured: watching a lot of bones reruns, another visit to jeni's and reading all the super thick september issues of my fav mags.

it's a short week for me at work - happy monday!



i finally gave in and had jeni's. {read: i finally was in east nashville and ran immediately to jeni's.} EVERYONE has been raving about it - bloggers, local news and friends irl.

and shockingly, it lived up to the hype.

i had been told to get the buckeye state, but they were out.

i fell back on my tried-and-true favorite, plain chocolate.

BUT, the scooper talked me into adding a scoop of mint. ahhmazzzing. she totally knew what she was talking about.

intelligent employees and a delish product? we were happy customers. we'll be back again soon, jeni's!


picture it: camp.

get it? from sophia, "picture it, sicily..." if you don't get that reference, then you probably don't enjoy this blog. since that show is about old ladies, friends and romance. as is my life.

back on track... one of the coolest things about camp is that we are staying in the original buildings. like, from the 1920s. we're talking legit vintage, people.

let's take a tour:

the official camp name.

how camp's boathouse used to look a long, long time ago. the history of this place boggles my mind. the top part of the boathouse caught on fire and burned. we still use the bottom part.

boat house today.

hilltop cabin, where we stay.

another cabin.

the little details.

and my favorite: the views.


katy perry.

friday was the first girl's night i've had in a while. and it was awesome.

melanie, courtney and i started the night at bailey's. view from their patio:

and looking down the street to bridgestone:

and by the time we left it was dark out. {i got called a tourist for taking this photo. you're welcome, blog.}

group shot!


and here she is! one of the top 5 concerts of my life. {rounded out by garth, garth in vegas, jay-z and t swizz.}

and after that, my camera promptly died. however our seats were EPIC {thanks melanie!}, the dancing was off the hook {i'm talking about myself and vickie} AND she sang FRIDAY. as in, one of my fav songs! such a good show.

and, while i couldn't justify a $40 tshirt {seriously!?}, i did buy a $10 cotton candy. BEFORE YOU JUDGE, the stick is a glow up light saber. you should have seen me whipping it during et. worth it.


camp 1: the airport.

if you guessed from the title that we are about to have a whole post of pictures from the airport, you are CORRECT! seriously i was lacking in the photo taking department once we made it to tupper, but not while we were at bna.

first things first: i love the nashville airport. love it. i travel what i consider to be often. i've probably gone through 20 to 30 airports in my life. i have least favs (side eye to lax), ones that i love things about (holler detroit), but bna just takes the cake in my opinion.

so, join me on a tour of our little airport:

i'm including this photo mostly because of how tan i look. spray tan, what what?!

noshville. it's an actual restaurant, too, but i only eat there at the airport. it is delish.

french toast for dinner. so good. probably the reason i only eat there when i travel because if not i'd weigh 800 pounds.

oh. em. gee. ran into courtney at the airport. she walked by and i nonchalantly freaked out and screamed her name.

i read all the recent gossip mags and learned all about the deets of ashley and jp's relationship. i give it a 40% shot of ending in marriage. anyone else like to weigh in on that?

i'm that person on the plane that gets verrrryyy nervous during takeoff and landing. no one else seems bugged out that we are flying in the sky, but it gets me every time.

all this week we'll do vacay wrap up. glad to be back friends.