i wouldn't call it the joy of our lives, but... well, maybe i would.

big announcement: WE GOT A COUCH.

for the first three weeks of living here we were sitting on the floor, our formal dining room chairs or our bed. those were our only choices. to say baby got back... pain... would be an understatement.

so, after the exciting news of b's job, we decided we could swing for a {cheap} couch.

enter: ikea. as seen above: our classy couch came in a bunch of boxes.

the end result:

bundahdahdahhhhh! she's a beaut, right?

it's one of the fancier models, and bonus: we can upgrade it someday!

oooh, ahhhh.

we'll have to wait until we move though. because, you know, a full-sized couch would actually take up our whole living room.

love may not cost a thing, but happiness is on sale at ikea.

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