last of nash: yazoo brewery tour.

i don't care if this was a month ago and i now live on the other side of the country: the yazoo tour was one of the coolest things i ever did in nashville.

it was on the we-must-do-this-before-we-move list, so it was crossed off our very last weekend in tennessee. and, brandon came with us!

these are dehydrated hops. one of the most interesting things about yazoo is that they partner with so many other businesses in town. so when they're done using a bunch of ingredients they pass them along. like, after yeast is done making the beer... yeasty...  they give it to local bakeries. or after the grain is used they give it to local farmers. drunk cows? i had to ask baker all these details, it's hard to remember after a few weeks. {plus, they totally give out generous samples on the tour, so that doesn't help my memory either.}

gigantic beer makers!

bottling. the labels on all of yazoo's beers are hand drawn by the owner/founder's wife.

and then, after your super-worth-it $7 tour, you end up in the tap room, where you can drink to your heart's content.

i know i should be drinking coors light, but i can't deny that i could go for a dos perros right now. 

please come to colorado, yazoo!

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