last of nash: mas tacos.

you all. i'm just going to go ahead and tell you like it is: mas tacos is in one of the sketchiest neighborhood in nashville.

i know all the cool kids are going there, but still, you needed to be in the loop on this fact.

however, it is also muy delicioso.

cute inside, right? it's basically a one-room garage with limited seating. get there early. we saw a line forming out the door after we ordered. the tacos are mas in demand!

la menu.

spicy cheese corn? there was a name for this. it was good, but too much cheese. {i KNOW, i have never in my life said "too much cheese." someone mark this date in infamy.}

fish taco. holy. guacamole! the best of my life.

so, remember: if you are going to mas tacos: 1. look at the menu beforehand and learn the fancy names for things. {i am sure they don't call that "cheese corn".} 2. know that you are traveling to the deep east nash and lock your doors accordingly. 3. don't eat for a day prior so you can stuff yourself with some of the best mexican food in the whole city.

now go, grasshopper, and order the fish taco.

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