16th street mall.

i finally talked b into going to the 16th street mall with me on friday since he needed to get some dress shirts for his new business-casual work environment.

the mall goes 10 blocks or so and has a ton of stores, restaurants and coffee shops along the way. there is also a free bus you can ride from one end to the other.

post-khaki coffee.

someone wasn't feeling photogenic.

drive-by photography on the way home.

yay, newspapers.

the capitol building. the top is gold! more photos of this to come.

the church architecture here is amazing.

p.s. i totally took that last one out of the sunroof.

p.p.s. adding "sunroof photography" to my resume right now.


  1. There's a church I visited in Italy that looks just like this!!

  2. look, no need to go all the way back to italy! come visit me in denver!!