it's not even thanksgiving yet, and i can't help but feel very, very thankful for all i have.



our weekend was jam packed with goodness!

we kicked it off thursday with birthday celebrations. b surprised me with the cake pictured above from a very fancy local bakery. then we had a lavish dinner at seastar. seafood for the win!

i spent saturday morning in a nearly two-hour session with a personal trainer. happy birthday to myself? i puked once and cried a few tears, but didn't quit. at the end she told me first timers usually stop in the middle and they just walk around the block and talk for the last half an hour. i totally would have elected for that, had i known that was an option. i would say my current pain level is still a six out of ten. ouch.

on sunday, my little sister graduated from college! i was beyond sad that i couldn't be there, but her school live webcasts the ceremony. it was so cool. i could see her super clearly! b and i cheered when her name was called. go em, so proud. can you even believe that is possible? we totally live in the future.

about to go watch how i met your mother. i've been watching for four years and heard tonight's episode is when we actually meet that dang mother, so i can't wait.

p.s. today marks exactly two months to the wedding, eeep!

happy week!