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from l to r:

my new jcrew coat is starring in the store window display.

finally made it to nordstrom. fancy.

old steve madden boots.

new steve madden boots.

date night at arby's; b's don't-take-my-picture face.

jadie visiting my house.

happy monday, bloggies!


flashback friday: on the east side.

i talk a lot about that one year that i lived in east nashville. {because i like to pretend it gives me street cred.}

but, i thought i'd share the actual place i called home for that year. and, as you can see it was/is super cute.

and in the snoooow. {let's all take a moment to send up a prayer that this year is not as epically snowy as last.}

officially though, i do not miss this closet.

 but i do miss these kids.

{and the cat.}

of course.

happy weekend, bloggies!


new design.

all four of my blog readers missed that i had refancified the blog. so, if you're reading in reader and i haven't called/texted/asked you in person to click out and see the new design, check it out.


pumpkin patch.

our group has a lot of traditions. one of those being annual pumpkin patch visits. for the last two year's our patch of choice has been walden farm.

they have pumpkins.

 animals to feed.

gigantic vegetables.

hay rides. {we were totally the only ones on there without kids... okay, we were probably the only group at the farm without kids. but did you see the look on b's face in the goat-feeding picture above? happier than any kid i saw the whole day.}

amazing FOOD. funnel cake = heaven.

here's a group shot. {impressive self photography, if i do say so... myself.}

so, this year, instead of struggling to clean out and carve a pumpkin, i decided to paint it.

and the finished product on our porch. notice b's stitch mouth. very impressive. make anyone else think of billy from hocus pocus? if so, very impressive to you.

happy halloween!


currently craving: time is ticking.

michael kors.

marc jacobs. 


this time of year i start to crave a new watch, since i used to get one for christmas on the reg. i thought i wanted an all black one, but mk is really pulling me in with the tortoise. all images found via shopstyle. which is one of my favorite time-wasting apps ever.


local taco.

i rarely go to happy hour, unless it's with my gf's mk or erin (hi!). i got off work early though, and we walked down the street to local taco. it is very popular with hipsters and sylvan park families alike.

the tacos are expensive, but the margaritas make it all worth it. they really are some of the best in town.



flashback friday: atlanta.

early on in our relationship b and i used to travel. a lot.

{okay, we still travel a lot.}

one of those vacations led us to atlanta. the reason we went was to go to top chef contestant kevin gillespie's woodfire grill.

{the food was amazing, he was not friendly, unfortunately.}

but, that wasn't all! here are some photos from that 09 trip.

 oh hai, remem when i used to eat meat?

 world of coke.
aquarium. and woof to all my photos from this time period. i felt like i was drunk looking through because every other one was a blurry mess.

olympic park.


the hotel where we stayed. amazing - i LOVED it and would totally recommend if you've ever in atlanta for a fancy weekend.


currently craving: fall.

a chunky scarf, like this one.

these west elm plates.

a hot mug of tea.

the cold weather is here in nashville. it was in the 40s this morning. what are you looking forward to this season? 



so you saw the epic pirate picture.

but, we did other epic things that weekend, like:

stayed in a cabin.

rafted in 50 degree temps. {and got the hypothermia.}

had this kid cook for us.

saw pretty sights.

smushed together in the back seat.

and slept the whole way home.


here i am.

{print via}

now is kind of a funny time in my life. i'm trying to decide what i want to be.

graphic designer?
business woman?
grad student?

it's hard to write a blog that has a focus when your life doesn't really have a focus. 

but i'm making moves to figure it out.

and i'm in it to win it.



i haven't had time to get the full post together, but i do have proof we rafted:

haha, makes me laugh every time.


park cafe.

we went to park cafe for happy hour. i would like to just write "omm nom nom", because it's totally a good descriptor for the experience.

no blog post is complete without a self portrait. {and it reminds me to reiterate the awesomeness that is the fact we can walk to park cafe.}

this is a good deal, people.

super cute outdoor patio.

i started with the sunset margarita. super sweet.

fish tacos. two for $5. the fish was different because it was chopped up like tator tots, but the guac was amazing.

b's meat pizza.

and the absolute best potstickers i've had in america. with a plum sauce. literally drooling over this photo.

ended the night with the white wine sangria.

park cafe is known for being expensive, but the food is worth it. and the happy hour is excellent. all of the above were just five bucks each.

we ate for less than it costs us to eat at arby's.

{and while arby's may be delish, it's no park cafe.}