washington park.

this weekend it was 60 in denver! we spent sunday at washington park.

cool alert: locals call it "wash park".

the big draw is the running/walking loop around the lake.

and the residents of said lake. they are actually really wild. this past week i was stopped in traffic for 10 minutes waiting for a flock to walk across the street back into the park. 

plus, turned the other way, you can see the mountains. {okay you kind of have to squint, but they are totally right there.}

deets about the park. 

the sun is crazy strong here. especially if you go into the mountains you need to wear sunscreen, but i put it on every day. it was only 40 and so windy when we were at the park, but in the sun you could break a sweat!

a beautiful, self-timed squatting photo. sigh. it's the best we could do. you can kind of tell here, but: i got all my hair chopped off. i made a friend in our apartment complex and she had an audition {would you call it an audition?} at a fancy salon downtown, so i got a haircut and style for free!

and a shout out to b's cousin laura and shannon {makers of one of the cutest little girls ever} who welcomed a sweet baby boy today. 

and that's all we know in our neck of the woods mountains for today. more fun news coming later this week!

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