winter park.

we got to go to the mountains this weekend! downtown it was gloomy and freeeziiing. like 10 degrees when we left in the morning.

up, up and away. 

pretty much up in the heavens. 

the tubing hill!

you basically ride a pool float down an iced up hill and then get pulled back up. it was SO fun. and SO warm. we had bundled up and when you're right in the sun, with the reflection off the snow it was 50 degrees! we had to take our coat and gloves off.

there we are. so outdoorsy right now.

our generous hosts, art and michelle. art just bought that {bright!} jeep and to say michelle wasn't thrilled about it is an understatement. look at the pride on his face though! priceless.

such a great weekend. it got us out of our tiny, tiny apartment and into the amazing scene just an hour outside of the city.

i love my new town.


  1. That looks fun! I'm glad you were able to do that...even though it also looks very cold!

  2. haha, it wasn't TOO bad. a diff kind of cold than what i grew up with in ohio for sure!