the all-caps title is so deserved. i can't talk highly enough about this place. it's comfy/hip-chic inside {read: dark} so i don't have any photos of my food. i will talk about it anyway.

we started with the housemade chips and aioli. it was recommended by a friend {thanks ben!} and the aioli was seriously amazing. the chips were hot and a combo of crunchy and chewy. so good.

i had a salad next, which was good. however, i had a bite of the crust of one of the pizzas. ah-maz-ing. i also had a bite of the peaches starter, and would have that again.

then, the big time. i got the fried green tomato napoleon, which was topped with lettuce and mozzarella. holy moly. the cheese had melted onto the tomatoes, which made for a tomato-filled cheese stick. which, if you didn't gather, is epic. i also had a bite of the halibut and it could make me turn from my vegetarian ways. it was that great.

we ended with a bottle of champagne and chocolate cake, in celebration of brandon's birthday. mark it down as one of the best meals of my life.

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