east nashville favs.

since i've lived in nashville, i've moved on average of once a year. i started in hillsboro village (which i love) and i'm now in sylvan park. but in the middle there i spent a year in east nasty. to be honest, it wasn't my fav. it was mostly that the commute annoyed me and there was no publix or target within my neighborhood. however, the food culture over there is amazing. it really has no competition from the other areas in metro. rosepepper, mad donna's, rosepepper, margot (you know how i feel about margot), village pub, marche, rosepepper, the list goes on and on.

and now that i live 20 minutes away, the thing i miss most about the east side isn't the margaritas from rosepepper. it's my peeps that are still over there. all of whom i got to see this week!

i think the red tint of this picture is our skin melting off. it's hot here. that is an understatement.

my first time at castrillo's! i love trying something new.

starting and ending a post with a cat picture. that's a trend i can get behind.

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