korea house.

i pride myself on being able to say a few words in a variety of languages (italian, japanese, spanish, chinese, arabic... english), but korean is a no go. i really wanted to open with "hello!" in korean but had to look it up and that just seems so forced. {in case you were wondering, it's "anyong!"}

another thing that may or may not be forced? me dragging b to random asian restaurants across the city. most recently korea house.

bibimbap is my new favorite word. and, coincidentally, my new fav korean dish.

they start you out with a bunch of mini dishes. there were potatoes, squash and some dried fish among other options.


b's came to the table boiling over the edges of the pot. i feel like you're at an authentically non-american place when you have a moment of fear for your life. just a bibimbap of boiling and then it was ready to eat.

look! it's brandon. how he has not been on the blog yet, i don't know.

saranghae friends! {goodbye in korean, duh}

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