nashville bucket list.

this is a photo of garth. live. in concert. applicable to this post because seeing him live in concert was one of my life goals. it's also how courtney and i originally became friends fall of freshman year at ou. it was also a top five experience of my entire existence. i was front row. this photo is not zoomed, people. and yes, i touched him. you would have, too.

one of my fav blogs, la mia vita, did a post a bit back about her san fran bucket list. we have a running tally of places we want to go, too, but it's mostly just me asking, "WHEN are we going to get to park cafe?"*

*update: we went to park cafe. IT WAS AWESOME.

here were my intial bucket list plans:

food to eat:
- park cafe
- sylvan park restaurant
- star bagel
- neighbors
- the palm
- melrose pub

things to do:
- attend a nashville sounds game
- go to the east nashville beer fest
- finally get to steeple chase
- see the christmas lights at opryland
- use the tennessee state museum membership b won at a charity auction
- redeem the whole foods cooking classes coupons i bought b for christmas
- hike the virgin falls
- spend the day at nashville shores with c, melanie and vickie
- see the warhol exhibit at the frist

then, as i'm asking my friend ben {nashville native, LITERALLY**, and knower of all things nashville} what else i should add to my nash bucket list, he says, "you know there's an official list out there, right?"

**nashville natives are rare. like shooting stars. someone will tell you they're a nashville native and then it comes out that they're from whites creek bend or something like that. whites creek bend is so far from nashville i don't even know where it is. so. that does not a nashville native make.

um, no. missed that.

sure enough: nashville scene's 125 things to do before you die.

they have everything. most are things i didn't know existed. since it was written in 2008 some items have changed. for example the "happy dancing man" i'm pretty sure is now the angry yelling man at the belle meade bus stop.

but, that'll happen.

so, i'll be back with another post, to join together my original ideas with nashville scene's recommendations and some from my other peeps too.

when you make a bucket list, you need to get it all down.

because forgetting "see the angry yelling man at the belle meade bus stop formerly known as happy dancing man" does not a bucket list make.

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