elliston place soda shop.

on sunday the tennessean announced that the elliston place soda shop would be closing after 71 years.

it is super close to work, so a group of us went over for lunch yesterday.

and we were there right after the owner announced that they had come to an agreement with their landlord! so, they're not closing after all. but, i'm so glad i went.

we got there at 10:45 and the place was packed. channel 4 was there, too!

sweet story on the menu.

neon everywhere.

peggy whipped out her phone, circa ... 2002? anyone else have the razr? holler!

she also had a bunch of $2 bills. who knows what else was in that purse.

the line when we left.

elliston place soda shop: check it off the bucket list.


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  2. Nice review Katelyn! Love!!!
    A lil' birdie shared your blog with me. ;-)