manny's house of pizza. and scoutmob.

i typically eat lunch in my work cafeteria with my work bff. on the rare occasion that i go out, i love to go downtown. luckily, all my peeps work there.

and, courtney reminded me that there was a scoutmob deal for one of my downtown favs: manny's house of pizza. thanks c!

sidebar: i knew i loved pizza, but i didn't realize i was eating so {SO} much of it until i had a blog post about pizza every week. whoops.

scoutmob: free deals. i have no idea how they make money. good for us though!

 the arcade!

look, it's manny. {no really, i'm pretty sure that is manny.}

this angle makes the pizza look a mile wide. which it was.

 obligatory downtown building photos.

obligitory photo of us.

this was my obligatory pizza post of the week. hope you enjoyed as much as i did.

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