2011 has been an amazing year. i got the idea from busy bee lauren to do a year in review blog post. here we go!

in january, b and i moved in together. it seems nonchalant when i word it that way, but it was a HUGE, major, massive big deal. i actually want to post more about the subject because it was such a game changer and i remember i was desperately searching to read more about the subject/get advice, etc.

right before we moved in together, i also decided to stop eating meat. {i know you're thinking how lucky b was!}  

so, these were pre-blog days. when i took my camera everywhere, but didn't snap quite so many photos. but, here's a good moment captured in february: b got a brand new car! back in december of 2010 i witnessed him get into a horrific car accident and total his truck, which i still can't really talk about and has literally scared me for life when it comes to driving in bad weather.

also in feb: the day after valentine's i came home from work to find b making a romantic dinner. in the process, he had also cut the entire top part of his finger off. so, we spent the night in the er. unforgettable. i have photos, but thought the car one would be more enjoyable. {you're welcome.}

belle meade plantation! {which i blogged about as one of my nashville top 5 must-sees.}

also in march: i tried pimento cheese for the first time and my life was changed. thanks to my friend mary katherine for suggesting it, my friend ben for whipping up homemade for me all the time since then and my iphone photos for reminding me that happened.

april: i dyed my own hair! haha, hot mess. this photo was taken right before we participated in great urban race. that was such a fun event. we literally ran miles and miles all over the city, collecting clues and taking photos of ourselves doing crazy things. i would highly recommend it.

may was an INSANE month this year. we went to seattle, i turned 25, i went to los angeles to see my friend hannah place second on the biggest loser, and i started this blog. which, fun fact, was originally called "me + b".

in june i got to see my bff from college, shari! she lives in vegas now {after relocating from myrtle beach, she is always fun to visit!} and we had a great time. and i had this blog, so i blogged it!

b's parents came into town for their first visit. we took them on a whirlwind tour de nash. also in july we did the nash trash tour, which was hilarious and worth it. easily a top 10 of the year.

in august we went to camp! i blogged basically about nothing else for that entire month.

in september b had a birthday! we also traveled to melissa and ryan's wedding. and i fell in love with michigan.

in the midst of a deep freeze, we went rafting! it was such a fun trip, and so special because it's really hard to get five busy people out of town together for a weekend. #memories

i also hit 100 blog posts!

and now, the holidays have been celebrated, i got an amazing {surprise} gift and we're gearing up to celebrate new year's eve with dinner out and champagne at home.

whew! what a year. i'm so thankful for each one of you reading.

cheers to 2012!

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  1. You definitely had a big year. I love the picture of you and B at camp...you look so pretty! I remember looking up lots of stuff when I moved in with CB. I definitely freaked out. I even made him go over a million questions about compatibility with me one night. Glad to know I'm not the only "thorough" one in the blog world. ;)