DRAMATIC quote, right?

i feel like i've been seeing it everywhere: blogs, twitter, the onmipresent workout pins on pinterest that always pop up as i'm having my nightly spoonful of nutella.

jim rohn was right. this past year, i have totally freebirded it up. vacations out the yingyang, kate spade shopping like it was my job, spoonfuls of nutella like it's a workout regimen. and, i have felt the sting of regret. now, it's time to buckle down and get serious about this little thing called life. and a big part of that is being disciplined to set and hit goals.

last year, i wrote myself a long letter instead of doing any set resolutions. some of those things i hoped for happened this year, some are still in the works and some totally did not get off the ground {run a half marathon, anyone?}.

this year, i'm all about self improvement. i like nicole's long, semi-insane 27-steps-per-month process. that's exactly what i need. a look back at achievements, a focus for the year as a whole and then bite-sized pieces i can take to work toward awesomeness in 2012.

are YOU making any resolutions? i'd love to know!


  1. Ya, I can kinda relate on this. After The Ex and I broke up, I kinda did whatever I wanted...spent whatever money I wanted...whatever I could to numb the pain of it all. Now I'm in a better place emotionally, but I'm definitely not in the best place financially. Sucks because now I'm living with a guy and we want to pool our assets together and see what can come of it. Things are fine, but I'd like to be able to pull my weight a little more. But 2012 is the year to buckle down and make it all work out. So we can support each other in exercising discipline!

  2. I kind of hate you for sending me to Nicole is Better. Now I have no excuse to continue on in my current inertia toward overweight, unfulfilled middle age. You motivated me to write about my resolution, though it's still kind of a cop-out. Much love, K!

  3. awe reanna, good to hear from you! i LOVE that you are blogging, coming over to check you out now.