top 5.

popular nash bloggers @nashvillest tweeted this earlier this week:

southern living's top 5 were: bluebird cafe, nash farmers' market, parthenon, rca studio b and loveless. you can see the full articles here.

it's a good list. i also love the farmers' market and loveless, and the parthenon is in my hood. with b's parents visting in two weeks, we are compiling our favorite things to do.

so, as a 3-year veteran, but tourist at heart, my top 5 of nashville are:

downtown. i rarely hit the honkeytonks, but there is so much live music, tourist sites and just a general awesome feel. i love being surrounded by the big buildings. broadway is a must see.

margot. mad donna's. anything owned by arnold myint. belle {may it rest in peace}. we have a ton of local restaurants that branch out beyond fried chicken. worth it.

belle meade plantation. the history in the south is awe-inspiring. standing on property where soldiers died during the civil war is unreal.

arrington vineyards. i've talked before about how much i love this place. the wine tastings are done in a full wine glass (no communion cups here) and you can buy a bottle and do a picnic lunch out on their yard.

nashville sports. i am a titans fan and love the feel of the home games. we attend so many nashville predators games that we basically should buy season tickets. there is no better feeling than cheering along with 20,000 other fans, and the pride for our sports teams is high here in nashville.

so, what'd i miss? what are your can't-live-without seeing places in nashville? any recommendations for visiting parents?  

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