nye at red pony.

happy new year! how was your big night?

we had a great meal at red pony. it's a nashville original, which means it's locally owned and operated, and i had heard a lot about it. it's right on the square in downtown franklin just a short drive outside of nashville.

the menu was different than their usual, with set choices for each course. round one was a cheese plate with champagne! such a fun way to kick off new year's eve.

course 2. i ordered the "italian butters" plate. which was mascarpone cheese, tomato sauce and super soft flat bread. yum yum yum. i could go for that again right now.

salad course. and they were nice enough to let me order without bacon. i do not like to make special requests, but the whole atmosphere is so laid back - most people were in jeans and, so, as you'll see in a min, i looked totally overdressed - but our waiter was cool about it and my salad was delish.

b's main course: a HUGE prime rib. typically when you go somewhere with multiple set courses all of the plates are very small bites. not at red pony. illustrated clearly by this photo.

i got the crab cakes. so good, so fresh. i was surprised by the mexican feel of the plate. i not only got two crab cakes, but also a huge chimichanga with mushrooms and spinach and guacamole.

not gonna lie, my favorite bite of the evening. a "chocolate demise" lava cake with vanilla ice cream.

there we are! great picture thanks to our waiter. and we had the best seat in the house right in front of the kitchen window. an added bonus getting to see the chefs at work. my dress is from asos and i wish i had a better picture of the awesomely 80s poof on the other shoulder.

after that we came home, started a fire in the fire place, cracked open a bottle of sparkling wine champagne and counted down 2011 from the couch. it was totally grandparental of us, but perfect after the whirlwind year we had. 

can you believe it's 2012? i'm so excited for things to come. let's get to it, bloggies!

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  1. Oh my word. That good looks fab. So good. Glad you had a nice time ringing in the new year. You guys look cute!