road trip.

i know you're wondering, how could i have any more to say after that tmi post about my keyhole?

don't you worry, i do.

one of the benefits to driving 14 or so hours around the midwest? you see a lot of scenery. here's an artsy fartsy vantage point on our way out of michigan.

hoho's are my favorite thing in the world. seriously, we're talking last-meal-on-death-row type love for these things. and i can't find them in the south. it's a little debbie conspiracy down here and i think she sucks. a "swiss roll" is a clear rip off of a hoho AND NOT THE SAME.

awe b's hometown. the only photo i took while we were there. except for of the hoho's. you're welcome. this picture sums up the cute, all-american feel of it though.

poodles = funny. poodles who act like people = adorable. poodles who act like people and love to get their photo taken = my new best friend.

and the real reason i went on this trip: the outlet malls. just kidding. but really, cincinnati outlets are the bomb. AND it was labor day. AND i opened a j.crew credit card. just kidding. {not really.}

this is the last of four of the epic recap of our michigan trip. this was your favorite, wasn't it? poodle wins it every time.

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