pentwater 2: the wedding.

the whole reason we drove 12+ hours to the shores of michigan was to watch b's cousin get married.

i may be a little wedding blog obsessed {my favs: green wedding shoes, style me pretty, hey gorgeous, etc.} so i was uber excited to see all the details of the event, too. and to cry at the vows. because really, who doesn't cry during weddings?

warning: most of these pics are of us. but really, that's the usual around here.

do you love this as much as i do??


a note about the weather: it was crazy!! it was WAY warmer than i thought it would be, which is a good thing, but it rained the whole time. we had a light shower when we arrived and then saturday it stormed all morning. then sunday am it was gorgeous. the sky cleared out and the sun shone through. just perfect for their outdoor wedding.

there they are! so beautiful! her veil was omgamazing. i believe i had stopped sobbing by this point.

here's the dress i finally choose. it's from j.crew's bridesmaid line.

next up: the reception. also known as: "that time i found out my dress had a keyhole in the chest."

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