pentwater 3: yachts and keyholes.

okay, let me be real for a min: i thought michigan was kind of a lame duck state. i feel for them with the economy, cold weather, etc.

i saw the pure michigan ads and thought, "who would want to vacation there?"

the answer: ME. pentwater was SO nice.

more scenery shots so you can feel like you enjoyed it too.

can't help myself with the self photography.

can't help myself with the zoomed-in-so-far-my-lens-touched-that-tomato photography either. look at that bruschetta!

and then: storms. the sky was black! it literally swooped in as we got called in for dinner and before the cake was served the sun was shining again.

do you die of the cuteness in this shot? me too.

so: keyhole story. i tried the dress on a few times before the wedding day, but had never moved around in it. as soon as we sit for dinner i realize my entire center-side boob is ON DISPLAY. it was made more noticeable because i had super spray tanned right before... but hadn't done any non-visible areas. AKA the part HANGING out of the keyhole. and at the end of the night, one of b's relatives may or may not gone to hug me goodbye and accidentally caught his hand in the hole. i can only hope he had visited the open bar enough to black it out. lord, hear our prayer.

the end to a great night: they took off on a sparkle-lighted boat!

p.s. i had totally planned to fight to the death for catch the bouquet, but apparently that is not "in" anymore. it's not like i had my single ladies dance planned or anything.


  1. Love the writing style in this post and the keyhole story is hilarious! Enjoying your blog. :-)