pentwater 1.

here's a glimpse at our trip north.

when i found this picture on a realty website, i was SURE it could not be as pretty as they'd made it out to be.

i was wrong.

this is the beach off b's uncle and aunt's beach house. it was so nice. the softest sand i've ever experienced! the waves were amazing and the sunset was truly beautiful.

we stayed in downtown pentwater. b's parents hosted us at a rental house (that ended up being a block from the wedding and reception!). we all may or may not now own "horniest bar around" t-shirts from the antler bar, seen below. get it? horns? antlers? horn-y?

i think the best word to describe pentwater is "quaint". here's scenes from inside the local candy shop. how awesome is that zoltar? my fortune was pretty good, too.

this was right before the welcome dinner, on a different beach. it was much rockier, but there were shells for the kids to gather and they loved it.

and a pic with the sister!

tomorrow: wedding pictures!

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