lake placid.

lake placid is only 40ish minutes from camp. i didn't go last year, so we took a girl's trip up.
the town is well-known, mostly because the miracle on ice took place there.

but, also, bill pullman {i LOVE the movie "while you were sleeping"} was in a movie about some creature coming out of the lake. i didn't know this until i just now googled.

i'm sure it is a really great film.

the city itself seems like it's based around one main street {similar to athens} and still really proud of their olympic history.

back seat boopin'.

super quaint.

do you see the structure that held the flame? it's in a horse field now.

all the flags still up around the track area, which is in front of a high school.

olympic center.

time to eat!
mirror lake can hold it's own against tupper when it comes to the scenic view, but at least we don't have to worry about killer alligators.

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