katy perry.

friday was the first girl's night i've had in a while. and it was awesome.

melanie, courtney and i started the night at bailey's. view from their patio:

and looking down the street to bridgestone:

and by the time we left it was dark out. {i got called a tourist for taking this photo. you're welcome, blog.}

group shot!


and here she is! one of the top 5 concerts of my life. {rounded out by garth, garth in vegas, jay-z and t swizz.}

and after that, my camera promptly died. however our seats were EPIC {thanks melanie!}, the dancing was off the hook {i'm talking about myself and vickie} AND she sang FRIDAY. as in, one of my fav songs! such a good show.

and, while i couldn't justify a $40 tshirt {seriously!?}, i did buy a $10 cotton candy. BEFORE YOU JUDGE, the stick is a glow up light saber. you should have seen me whipping it during et. worth it.

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