camp 1: the airport.

if you guessed from the title that we are about to have a whole post of pictures from the airport, you are CORRECT! seriously i was lacking in the photo taking department once we made it to tupper, but not while we were at bna.

first things first: i love the nashville airport. love it. i travel what i consider to be often. i've probably gone through 20 to 30 airports in my life. i have least favs (side eye to lax), ones that i love things about (holler detroit), but bna just takes the cake in my opinion.

so, join me on a tour of our little airport:

i'm including this photo mostly because of how tan i look. spray tan, what what?!

noshville. it's an actual restaurant, too, but i only eat there at the airport. it is delish.

french toast for dinner. so good. probably the reason i only eat there when i travel because if not i'd weigh 800 pounds.

oh. em. gee. ran into courtney at the airport. she walked by and i nonchalantly freaked out and screamed her name.

i read all the recent gossip mags and learned all about the deets of ashley and jp's relationship. i give it a 40% shot of ending in marriage. anyone else like to weigh in on that?

i'm that person on the plane that gets verrrryyy nervous during takeoff and landing. no one else seems bugged out that we are flying in the sky, but it gets me every time.

all this week we'll do vacay wrap up. glad to be back friends.

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