my friend marie - who i met through twitter! - is a marriage counselor. she is putting on an amazing event called "vowentines" this february in nashville, which is a lovefest to bring the spark back into marriages with the activity of rewriting wedding vows. um, i love this. marie reached out to me to help her spread the word to my friends in the internet world.* {the event is now on super sale through january 31!} so, i get to write this post with the prompt: "when have you stuck around (like you promised you would on your wedding day) for worse? for sicker? for poorer?"

well, obviously, b and i haven't said our vows yet. but - that doesn't mean we aren't living out promises to one another every single day.

i think we are good at this - at commitment and selflessness - because we have seen it lived by our parents for our whole lives. i, personally, have witnessed my parents live through poorer, sicker and worse than you can imagine in the format of losing their parents, raising my cousins {just the change that came with basically adopting two preteens - my cousins themselves are pretty great}, moving to tennessee and more. it makes me want to have a marriage that can face anything and come out the other side of hell stronger.

luckily, b and i have not experienced hardship during our four years together. when i read marie's email, the decision to leave denver was the only thing in my mind. you can probably tell via the blog that this is something i have been struggling with. my feelings for my job and the people i know here are stronger than i anticipated. i think what makes it harder is that i am not knowingly jumping into something worse... we are headed into the unknown.  

but, you know what? b has already done the same thing for me. i think it is important to note that it was my idea to move to denver in the first place. b quit his job right along with me, he left his friends just as i left mine and we drove into a city where we knew no one. he never needed to remind me of that - to guilt trip me into coming. he simply asked me to. and i agreed. because that's a part of our unspoken vows. we will stand beside one another, be each others biggest cheerleader and always share the last bite of dessert.

so, when we read our personal vows at our wedding in five months, there are a million other vows behind it that don't even need to be said.

*i was compensated lots of money to write this post.

**haha, no i was not. but, it did inflate my ego at no cost to marie.

***marie also suggested that the post topic be humorous, so sorry so serious! 

****photo by our amazeballs engagement photographer ross bothwell.

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