it's been a while since i've done an instagram post. probably because i haven't been doing anything cool enough to take photos of!

did you watch the inauguration on monday? my favorite quote was "that is our generation's task - to make these values of life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness - real for every american." i really loved the whole thing. mentions of climate change and equal rights for woman and marriage for all!

umm, i am obsessed with these popcorn chips. i don't even have words for how good they are.

drinks at my goodbye happy hour with work people at punch bowl social.

margs is one of my favorite denver spots. we've been there twice in the last month to get it out of my system. luckily, i already have my mexican restaurant picked out in seattle.

view from lunch downtown.

and a selfie of us enjoying the beer garden, something we will really miss. 

we leave denver sunday - wish us a safe drive, good weather and incredible patience during our four-day trek!

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