wasn't it just yesterday we were holding this pose before leaving our nashville home?

you know what we didn't have last time, though? professional movers. hallelujah - they made the whole move 100 times easier.

we waved goodbye to all our stuff on friday morning, and headed out mid-afternoon saturday. here's hoping our semi-truck driver paul arrives in seattle in a week with every single box. if you're reading this tuesday, we are probably somewhere in montana. {say a quick prayer we beat the snow that is allegedly headed our way!}

how many pounds of stuff do you think we had? here's a hint: our driver said we have way less than most people. one bed, a loveseat and enough clothes to fill up six wardrobe boxes. ready for the grand total? 3,300 pounds!!! what weighs that much?!

and one last glance at our empty home that we were so grateful to live in. a garage, two point five bathrooms, giant closets, neighbors we knew and walking distance to our favorite little spot. seattle, get ready, you've got a lot to live up to.


  1. Aww looked like such a cute space! Wish y'all a safe trip to Seattle. We will benin the same position moving to a new state in a few months to ND...but nothing as exciting as Seattle. Bummer! Can't wait to read more :)

  2. tiffany: i thought you may be moving to denver?! what ended up happening with all that?