since we're all reminiscing and whatnot with the new year, here's a random post for you. i've lived in three states in my life and all are wildly different. my heart still belongs to each of them a little bit and i thought i'd share some of my personal pros and cons of my homes from the midwest to the south to the west.

the worst: poor ohio. it has a bad rep, but the rumors about the economy are mostly true. there's just not a ton of diverse career opportunities there, though i do have friends who are super successful in their buckeye-state-based jobs {hello tricia and betsy!}. also: you will never live somewhere where people complain about their home state more.

the best: my favorite thing about ohio is that there seems to be a shared experience among people that grew up there. b and i were raised 138 miles from one another, but we have SO many similar traditions. i also enjoy the local fare {pierogies!}, the fact that most people know how to drive in all types of weather and our undying desire to root for the underdog {ex: the cleveland browns}.

the worst: though a booming city, nashville is still very much in the south. it's in the bible belt and you would be remiss to think that everyone lives a liberal lifestyle or is okay with you living one. i got more than one "bless your heart" when i lived there, and if you know anything about the south, that isn't a compliment.

the best: nashville has some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. there is rarely a honk on the highway and i always felt safe walking alone around town, even at night. the food is beyond wonderful and it is also within driving distance to some other amazing places, like new orleans!

the worst: i get flipped off an average of once a week while on the road and i have never been around more aggressive drivers. denver is also super landlocked {am i the only one who thought it was right next to california? oh, i am...} and there is no culinary specialty, unless you count beef, which i do not.

the best: colorado is the most beautiful place i have ever lived. the sky opens up straight from heaven and i have never seen more stunning sunrises or sunsets. there is a ton to do here; regardless of if you enjoy outdoor activities.

four years, three states and what feels like three different lives i've led. i can't wait to see where life takes us next.

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