one of my 2012 resolutions was to switch entirely to products that are organic or well-rated on the ewc cosmetics database. that pretty much fell apart after a week of using hippie deodorant when even b agreed i was stinkaaay. 

luckily, i've stumbled upon a new favorite - lush! i read about BIG shampoo on a bunch of different blogs and had to try it. but, i wasn't overly enthused about buying a $26 shampoo plus shipping. imagine my surprise when we stumbled upon a lush store in the cherry creek mall.

the ladies gave me a store tour, plus a complimentary hand exfoliation. i was sold.

i'm officially addicted to all three things i bought: the big, of course, some lemon lotion and a scrub that is the ocean in a tub. plus, they are all about handmade, fresh ingredients and they test their products on humans, not animals, which i love.

since one of my resolutions is to get rid of all my debt, i won't list the million other items i want from lush. i'll just be over here enjoying my giant hair.

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  1. I own and use all three of those regularly, with the addition of "I Love Juicy" shampoo, which I mix in with the Big to give my hair extra shine! Love it!