i know everyone and their brother is talking about their 2013 goals, but... i'm going to, too. i l-o-v-e setting goals. i make a daily to-do list at work, i gather a list of objectives for every weekend and i also do yearly resolutions. there is no better feeling than crossing something off one of my lists.

this year, i feel even more dedicated to setting and achieving goals. to that effort, my 2013 word of the year is:
bore snore, right?! but, i actually believe routines are very powerful. think about if you sit on the couch and watch tv every night after work. that is your routine. or, if you start working out every day, soon enough it's your routine.

for actual tangible goals, i use nicole is better's "life buckets" method, which involves defining the big areas of your life {ex: weight loss} and then setting big goals in that area {ex: hit my goal weight} and then writing up action items that'll get you to that goal {ex: run 3 times a week, etc.}. it's kind of time intensive, but it's right up my goal-loving alley.

some of my life buckets for next year include: getting fit for the wedding, paying off our debt, reading more, focusing more on keeping our home clean {i'm going to attempt to make the bed every weekday! does anyone besides my mom do that?!}, and learning more about my dslr camera.

see - goals are fun! and 2013 is setting up to be a good one already: a visit to ohio, turning 27, getting married and so much more. cheers to a wonderful year for us all.

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