so, originally i didn't want to hire a florist. *gasp* i know. because... i kind of don't care about flowers. *double gasp*

but, even though there is a really great wholesale flower place around the block from our old house in nashville, my mil helped me see the light that i probably don't want to be worrying about throwing together a bouquet on my wedding day.

enter: amanda jerkins design.

another reason i didn't want a florist was because many tennessee-based flower designers are very... old school. i don't want red roses. i don't want the tiny bouquets that make bridesmaids look like they have man hands. i don't want super-colorful, overwhelming arrangements.

and then i saw amanda's portfolio and knew what i DID want.

a soft and lush bouquet for moi.

someone who can appreciate getting a bit funky with things. {also, she planned this shoot with my wedding coordinator, jennifer hamilton! nashville wedding vendors is like a gang. and you need to check with all your other vendors to make sure they like whomever you're bringing on board. because - trust - they all know each other. in fact, our photographers - phindy studios - actually shot amanda's wedding.}

someone who isn't afraid to mix colors and textures.

and someone who is fun! which, based on our in-person meeting she definitely is.

plus, she was nashville wedding mafia approved :)

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