my first guest blogger! it's fitting that it's my work bff, sandra. sandra introduced me to blogs almost four years ago and without her encouragement i would have never started hi from colorado. her online journey has allowed readers to follow her around the world, including all the way to china to adopt her daughter, kylie! take it away, sandra!

Katelyn asked me to write this post about my favorite vacation spot.  I had a post fully written when I decided to scrap it and start over.  
I am a beach lover.  I love everything about the beach.  I love driving for hours and then coming down the road to the smell of the salty air and sandy beach.  I try to get my family to the beach every year, but due to circumstances (a mission journey and foreign adoption), it’s been 2 years since we’ve been to the beach and I’m feeling it.  With every Facebook status update, I feel the longing to get back to the beach growing stronger.  
So, it was no surprise that my first post was about Hawaii.  Our Hawaii trip was pre-kids and I mean, it was HAWAII.  Who doesn’t love Hawaii???  It was beautiful and great and I loved it.  But Hawaii was superseded a few years ago by a cruise we took to the Caribbean.  I have been on two cruises and there is so much I love about them!

First, the food.  Of course, the food.  It’s all you can eat whenever you want.  We ate in the dining room every night.  Steve had a steak every night and every night we had a chocolate lava cake for dessert.  I just realized how our drinks look like wine, but trust me, I’m not in the habit of giving my child alcohol.  That’s actually diet Coke.
Another thing I love about cruises is the view.  You can get some of the most beautiful views off the side of a boat.  It truly it a testament to God’s glorious creation.  Simply breathtaking.

And so of course, the beaches are the highlight of the cruise for me. Every beach we visited was gorgeous.  One in particular in Belize was so beautiful that it literally almost did take your breath away.

The water…oh the water.  You could see straight down to the white sand on the bottom.  And the weather is so perfectly mild.  I thought I was in heaven.  But then, we cruised on to the last stop in Honduras.  Honestly, I only booked a beach excursion there because I figured…what the heck could be worth seeing in Honduras?
Let me answer that for you…

Tabyana Beach Resort.  It is an oasis outside a pretty poor area of Honduras.  We drove through what appeared to be the low income area to get to this beautiful spot.   
There are no words to describe this little gem.  And the snorkeling…  I wish I’d had more than just the disposable underwater camera.  I had never gotten the hang of snorkeling before but somehow I got it here and it was like a whole different world down there under the clear waters.
It was by far my most favorite vacation spot ever.  I do love the beach, but I’m a total sucker for the clear blue/green water and white sands of the Caribbean.  I have been to both the eastern and western sides and there are no beaches like it.
I miss the beach.  I miss the Caribbean.  But I’ll go back someday.  I just hope that someday comes SOON!
thank you so much, sandra! i love that her sweet daughter, jenna grace, makes an appearance in this post. see jg all grown up {and by grown up, i mean 11!} - and meet kylie - at sandra's blog: just haven't met you yet. 

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