you all, i have to be honest and say i literally did a happy dance when my guest bloggers agreed to join us here at hi from colorado to share their fav vacation spots! today's feature is my friend amanda. i have to give her credit where credit is due - i don't think i could have started katelynburkhart.com without her support! she has a very successful and popular design business - artistic amanda - and i admire her so much. without further ado, here's amanda! 

I have to work today. Is anyone else jealous of Katelyn's vacay? ...Just me? Well, I digress.

The downside to being a full time freelancer is having an inconsistent salary, making vacation time a little unpredictable. The upside is having a flexible schedule so that when you are enjoying the occasional cushy life, you can basically pick up and go at a moment's notice.  

I moved around a lot when I was a kid. Today, I attribute my wanderlust to all the traveling I did before age 10 (four states, five schools, eight homes - life on the road... that's how things are meant to be, right?) When my attempts to move to San Francisco (and NYC, and Charleston, etc.) fell through, I resigned myself to the luxury of travel when I could. The world is still my oyster! ...While Nashville remains my home.  

All that to say, when Katelyn asked me to blog about my favorite vacay spot it took me awhile to get back to her. How do I peg my favorite?

Then it hit me. The quiet mornings on a second-story patio overlooking wooden walkways surrounded by the most unique florals I've ever seen. The bike rides through the quaint, consecutive villages on 30A. The walks through town square to indulge in chocolate & tapas at La Crema or delicious coffee at Amavida. I guess you could say Rosemary Beach, Florida is sort of our home away from home.

My parents first went several years ago and talked about it so much that I begged to tag along in 2009. Since then, it's become a family tradition to rent a beach house, forget all our to-do lists for a week and just enjoy the beach, instead.

My most memorable experience at Rosemary Beach was when we went to celebrate my 30th birthday in November 2010. I can't pinpoint whether it was the 32oz. mimosas at the market down the street in Alys Beach or the fancy dinner at Paradis. Mostly, I think it was just being able to get out of Nashville for awhile and spend time with the two people who know me best. And overall, perhaps that's why I have a special place in my heart for Rosemary Beach. Not only do I get to see my family, but it's a rare time when we get focus on nothing else but each other.

um, how cute are her parents?! thank you SO much, amanda! confession time: i have never been to florida! this really makes me want to go, and now, not just to visit disney world. to get more of amanda, check our her blog: from the letter a.

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