some of my favorite photos from the past week or so. well, that last one was't a high note, but it is a good story.

new dress from the super sale rack at anthropologie {$29!}. we are picky about sushi, but it never fails that our favorite ends up being from our local grocery store. tunnel through downtown denver. a little bit of tennessee, found on the shelves at king sooper's. handy man fixing my car's air conditioner - it's been 90+ here,  so thankful he got it working again! jiffy pop. watching a storm roll in. old school mario kart. injury caused after a mario kart-frustration-induced leg kick, when my face fought a losing battle with a glass cup.

i realize that last photo is ridiculous, but the whole situation was! who accidentally kicks a cup into their face?! and gets a huge cut from it?!! i'm just glad i didn't lose any teeth. #worstnightmare

it's always a good one when we come out with the same number of chompers as we started with. happy wednesday, friends!

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  1. Every picture on your blog is like a chocolate sundae for my eyes.