warning: this blog post contains highly graphic, obscene amounts of food. don't read while hungry, while eating, if you just ate or if you ever want to eat again. 

i think it was b who first heard about the denver biscuit company. {he has a thing for biscuits so intense i can only assume it was passed on in his blood from his southern mother.} after a quick look at the menu online, i was sold - even though it is situated on the sketchiest road in denver. the reason i wanted to visit? they serve vegetarian biscuit and gravy. super rare, and very delicious from my personal denver brunch heaven, jelly.

so imagine my surprise when the waitress tells us they are out of veggie gravy for the day. i recovered from my distress with the help of a bloody mary.

b is on a coffee kick. he has been drinking approximately 6 cups a day at work, too, so if the next time you see him he has shrunk a few inches, don't be surprised.

alright, here is where the food extravaganza begins. i ordered a regular biscuit with an egg in lieu of the vegetarian option. 

his choice: the cordon bleu. it was huge.
to split {even though i don't like sweet potatoes} sweet potato fries. these actually turned out to be amazing, and again, sweet potatoes are not my thing. 

and, the grand champion of the meal: the biscuit french toast. some of the best french toast i have ever had - and that is saying a lot.

although we only ate half of our biscuits, took the sweet potato fries home and then didn't eat for the rest of the day, even looking at these photos i still feel overly full. but, the huge servings, flaky biscuits and sign that said "hey, y'all" was enough to make me feel like i was back in nash for the afternoon. and that makes the carb indulgence worth it.