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yep, totally not friday, but i have a special post set up for tomorrow, so freelance thursday it is!

last week i had two different networking events, both of which i had rsvp'd to before deciding to leave my job. if you've read that post, you already know that i was a bit of a hot mess. but, i went anyway.

what i was worried about is that people would judge me as unemployed and not a real freelancer. you know why i felt that way? because i was judging myself.

at the first event, i acted totally awkward and i didn't have a good time. at the next one: i confidently presented myself as a freelance writer and graphic designer. you know what people thought? oh, she is a freelance writer and graphic designer. end of story.

when you believe in yourself, you give others the opportunity to believe in you too.

it's as simple as that.

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