i quit my job today.

there's no applicable photo, dead-on quote or deep thought that can make me feel good about it at this point.

you know that big movement where all bloggers are writing posts about things they're afraid to tell their readers? even though most of the people who read this blog are my family, there are truths that even i don't want to admit to myself. this job was not right for me from day one. i am terrified i will never figure out what my career path should be. i think quitting is such a cop out and i'm embarrassed that i did it. i'm worried about money and do not want to depend on anyone to take care of me.

but, the biggest thing i don't want to speak out loud, the ugly thought ringing in my ears almost every day, the sentence that simply typing out makes me cry: 

i'm afraid that moving to denver was a huge mistake. 


  1. You are NOT a quitter. You're changing directions. You're learning about yourself and making decisions based on what you've learned (for instance, you hated your job so you decided to quit).

    I obviously have no clue about whether moving to Denver was right or wrong, but I feel like you're at that point in your story where you want to give up but you're going to keep on going and things are going to start working themselves out. Do you know what I mean?

    Just keep pushing. You're going to be ok :)

    1. your comment means so much to me! i still feel awful, but can at least realize that it was definitely the right decision.

      i commented on your post, but you - a person i "know" and not a random celeb fashion blogger - sharing your "things i'm afraid to tell you" gives me the confidence to be so open and honest on this blog. thanks marie!

  2. You had the balls to quit a job you didn't like? BRAVO to you, ma'am. Do you know how many people are trapped in jobs they can't stand because they just can't afford (financially or emotionally) to make a move? You are lucky to have B during this time, so you can have the flexibility and support to do this! And to figure out what your next big adventure is. You are a super strong gal, so I totally get you not wanting anyone to take care of you but yourself...but try and just let him for a bit. One day he'll need you to take care of him, and you will. It all comes back around.

    Re: Denver, I have no idea. But I do know that when you moved out there I felt a pang of jealousy -- because you tried it. So what if it's not right? You'll figure that out and at least you'll know you tried it. What a KILLER adventure you guys have gone on. You moved across the country, for Pete's sake -- with nothing but love to keep you going. That's awesome and romantic and I love it! If you decide it's not for you, just change directions and keep on truckin'.

    You have no reason to come back home or go wherever with your tail between your legs -- nothing to be ashamed of. You're brave and smart and you'll figure this out. HUGS to you, lady!


    1. COMPLETELY agree. Do not dwell on what may or may not have been a mistake. Look at it as one more opportunity to learn lessons and grow! Remember what I said about being able to bounce back. I know it's nerve-wracking but I'm THRILLED for you and your adventures to come. Let this push you forward... you're one day closer to your dreams, lady! Be confident!


    2. @jenn: ha! my balls did feel pretty large after ;) thanks for the support, lady.

      @amanda: thanks, thanks, thanks! and still so appreciative of your email last week. i've got a big announcement on the blog tomorrow, and it's in large part thanks to your encouragement!!

  3. You are NOT a quitter. You are someone who is going after health and love and excitement. Leaving a bad job behind in the dust is not quitting...it's smart.

  4. I've been meaning to stop by and comment on this post. It made my heart heavy when I read it. Don't ever regret testing the waters sweetie. You would still be questioning if you had never taken the step. Life lessons are where we grow ourselves. I think most of the emotions in something like this is fearing what others will think and mock our ambitions, especially when they don't work out. I know this is a scattered jumbled mess of words, but I don't look at you as a quitter at all. You have more guts than I would EVER have to step out on faith and try something totally out of the box. So, I applaud you. You are a rare jewel Katelyn, don't let anyone or anything steal your joy.