i am so appreciative of every comment, tweet, text, phone call and email i got after yesterday's post. to say it was hard for me to share is an understatement. i am still really disappointed, but looking forward to the future. plus, i have a back-up plan! 


yay! freelancing is something i always wanted to do, but always had an excuse not to try. i put it on my 2012 goals list to launch a professional website and up until a month ago it still was far from the front of my mind.

today, www.katelynburkhart.com is live and i have three clients.

i am thrilled. i'll still be searching for another full-time gig, but to know i have a space to work creatively with awesome individuals and small businesses makes me really happy.

and, to give you a laugh, here are some outtakes from my recent headshot session.

my personal favorite is the middle one. just keep on smiling, you all, keep on smiling.


  1. You're so beautiful and I heart you much.

  2. Don't just follow those dreams girl, chase them! Happy for you!