sunday we decided to get up and go! after our morning walk, we grabbed a groupon now deal. it was for a little coffee shop in my dream neighborhood, congress park. very similar to my nashville love, sylvan park. under the umbrella cafe had great reviews, so we were excited to try it out.

90+ degrees. weather be damned, he was having coffee.

giant breakfast burrito. b gave it two thumbs up. as you can see, the silverware were making their way in, barely waiting for me to snap a shot!

the mexican. green chiles, turkey and pepper jack. delish.

next door is the daily scoop. we saw the owner giving out dog treats and being generally really friendly, so we poked our heads in. i have never had frozen custard before and i am a hardscoop ice cream supporter all the way, but this was amazing. we got snickers on top and it was perfection.

next stop: the denver art museum for the yves saint laurent retrospective! i've been wanting to go since we moved. it's extra special that denver is the only place in the u.s. where the exhibit will be shown.

no pictures allowed inside. woh, woh. my favorites included video of women marching in france and referencing wearing pants. can you imagine wearing pants being controversial?! we got to see amazing outfits and listen to saint laurent speak on his designs. my favorite quote was, "the most beautiful clothes that can dress a woman are the arms of the man she loves. but for those who haven't had the fortune of finding this happiness, i am there." isn't that romantic?

on the love theme, he sent out valentine's day cards every year. the art museum is selling postcard versions of them and i just had to have some.

a surprising hit: the madeleine albright exhibit. actually, it was an exhibit of her brooches! in her role as secretary of state she chose what pin she wore every day based on her meeting or her mood. she wore some in foreign countries, had one made out of pieces of the berlin wall and was given a pin by a young man whose mother had died in hurricane katrina. she has a truly amazing story. i want to read more about her. i'll add it to the summer to-do list!

oh, you know, just some cows. more of denver's public art on our way out.

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