like most middle-aged couples, we spent all day yesterday watching the us open.

i actually worked at a country club all through high school, and my dad is a really good golfer {he once hit a hole-in-one on a major course!}, so i know enough about golf to hold a basic conversation. watching 12 hours of it isn't exactly my cup of tea, but big championships are pretty exciting.

anyway, one of the first things i caught on to was that the announcers were lightly poking fun at one of the golfers who had said at a press conference that he believed he had a chance to win the open. it took me a bit to get the full story, but they were talking about beau hossler. why was this seemingly chuckle-worthy to my beloved bob costas? because beau is 17. and an amateur golfer.

when asked if he could win, beau said:

"absolutely. there's not a doubt in my mind."

spoiler alert: beau went on to finish +9, nowhere near the top of the pack. but, it still really bothered me that his ambition was seen as audacious.

if people heard most of my goals, they would probably laugh, too. i'm sure many of us are too embarrassed to share what we hope to do with our lives. cheers to beau for being eager, driven and honest. let's all promise that not only will we not judge others' dreams as unreachable, but agree that our own are worth it, too.


  1. Wow! This is AWESOME! Such good writing Katelyn and so inspirational. You know it's good stuff when you get chills. Thank you for sharing this very well written reminder to inspire people that they too can be great. Something I want carved in my memory and on the forefront of my spirit if I ever make it to my dream.

  2. I don't get that, I really don't. It may not seem possible compared to the rest of the field, but the point is it doesn't have to. Why tease someone for their dream? I don't have to understand what drives someone else towards a dream, but I sure try to respect it.

    Beautiful post!

  3. @anna: you WILL make it to your dream, you know you've got people like me believing in your talent - and there are 100 more right behind me!

    @brandi: right?! my boyfriend will say that he thought they were just giving him a good man-to-man razzing, but still. i love how you worded that - we might not understand why someone wants what they want, but we should let them go for it.

    thanks for commenting, ladies :)