happy father's day to my dad!

my dad is one of my favorite people in the world. he is the only person i call when i want advice, because i know he will shoot it to me straight. and half the time all i need to hear is him say that i am blowing it out of proportion. he is hardworking, loyal and incredibly supportive.

he also has the weirdest catchphrases and definitely could star as the witty dad in any reality show. examples include: b's favorite "off the chain" {to describe food or guns}, something i heard in my teenage years "you aren't wearing enough clothes to clean a shotgun barrel", calling anyone "sybil" when they're getting a bit dramatic and nicknaming me "rooster cogburn", which i literally thought was because of my hair color until i super recently saw the movie of the same name and i guess i got that title because my sweet nature reminded him of john wayne's character. =)

i love you dad and am so glad that i am your daughter.

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