this is how i know i'm not in my early 20s anymore: today i have officially been graduated from college for four years.

four YEARS! not four months or four weeks, which both feel more believable. this article was recently making the rounds on the social networks, and i couldn't help but share. it's a really beautiful wrap-up of the ohio university experience. {and i have definitely had a similar night as outlined in the final paragraph - involving o'betty's and everything.}

four years ago, i never could have guessed where i would have ended up today.

i look back, and am so thankful for my experience as a bobcat, the degree i earned and the intangibles i took away. it was in athens that i learned the importance of a competitive drive, met amazing people i'm still close with today, was given a scholarship to visit egypt, decided to move to nashville, attended the same classes and parties with b before we knew each other, developed a love for tequila and created an undying bond with my fellow ohio university alums.

thanks for the memories, athens. i'll love you forever.

p.s. hat tip to shari for the photo. oh, and thanks for still being an excellent friend, eight years later.

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