getting artsy.

this weekend we went downtown to check out the ysl exhibit at the denver art museum. the museum is right beyond these red pillars. unfortunately, the exhibit sold out for the first time that day. but, we were downtown anyway, so i finally got to take photos of some of the crazy installation art that i've driven by.

doesn't this make you think of beauty and the beast when all the furniture comes alive and helps out? {my swiffer could hop up and mop these floors anytime it likes.}

the public library is right on the other side of this building.


horse on a chair. 

in the very center of downtown.all the occupy denver residents watched us walk around and take these photos.

there we are!

it was another great weekend, capped off a costco run, getting my birthday gift all set up and sleeping approximately 20 hours on sunday. and that is my kind of weekend.

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  1. Denver is so pretty. I like it. I love that picture of you with your purse. I'm glad you had a great birthday weekend extension. And 20 hours of sleep? Man am I jealous!