mother's day.

it's the second old-school photo of the week. sidebar: i am still upset that i can't wear my hair in those kind of bangs anymore!

i mentioned it in my birthday post, but having me as a child was not the easiest of endeavors. from wrecking my car to crying about cheerleading drama to bringing jade home one summer day before senior year {surprise!}, i think you can imagine it.

luckily, i was blessed with two amazing parents. my mom is one of the most patient, understanding and empathetic people i have ever known. she passed to me her ability to get embarrassed for people she doesn't know, her terrible singing voice and penchant for humming, her love for hohos, and her heart for special needs children and adults. i'm also pretty sure that she is the only individual ever who regularly sweeps her floors more than once a day. {sorry to all past and present roommates that i did not inherit that trait.}

every day i can tell that i look more and more like my mom. it's only now that i can appreciate that and hope that i can grow to become like the wife, mother and person she is.

happy mother's day, mom!

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